Using a custom domain name

How do I set up a custom domain for my website?


Pre-login steps:

  1. Buy a domain name that's available. (This usually costs about $10-$40 per year.)
  2. Make a configuration change depending on the number of levels in your desired domain. Your registrar should have instructions on how to do this.
  3. If your provider does not automatically configure it, add a new CNAME record for the subdomain "www" which points to the domain you configured in the previous step.
Domain Configuration
Two Levels
  1. point the A record for the domain to
  2. point the CNAME record for the subdomain to the domain
Three or More Levels
  1. point the CNAME record for the subdomain to
  2. point the CNAME record for the subdomain to the subdomain

Do I need to change the nameservers for my domain?


Not, just the A-record or CNAME record depending on levels in your domain.


How do I know if I set up my domain properly?


After re-configuring your domain, you must wait up to 72 hours for the changes to take effect. When you visit the subdomain or domain, you should see a LEVERADE error page — this means that the domain is correctly pointing to LEVERADE, but that your blog hasn’t been configured to use it yet.


What if I’m having trouble setting up a custom domain?


We’re unable to support many of the issues that crop up, so it’s best if you ask a friend who has done this before.

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