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Publish content: news, photo album and videos

Dynamic content is content that you can generate daily in the form of news, photos and videos. It is important to generate daily content on your website, since it not only allows daily interaction from users interested in your organization and competitions, but also improves your website’s positioning. Some things you should know about posts:

  • Any post can trigger a push notification to users who have the player app installed on their cellphone.
  • When you create a post, you can highlight it so it appears in the slider; if you don’t highlight it, it won’t appear in the slider.
  • When you create a post, you can tag a competition. This facilitates access to the information by people who generally view information via the app.
  • When you create a post, you can add labels to it, which helps organize your website’s content and makes it easier to find. To organize content, it’s important to create a list of labels that will be assigned to each post as long as the content is related to that specific area.



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