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Create a ligue

A league is a competition that allows a certain number of rivals to face each other. Normally, it is the format used to create regular long-lasting tournaments, or as a phase prior to a playoff, such as the format for World Cup soccer selection.

If you’d like to create a league on LEVERADE, you must go to a competition (if you have already created it). Then, in the “Rankings and Calendar” section, click “New League/Playoff”, where you can choose the name of the league and the tiebreaking criteria.


Once the league has been created, you can add the teams registered for the competition. You can add them all at once, or choose the ones you want to include.


Once the league has been created and the teams have been added, you can configure the league via the Options button:


After creating the league, go to “Calendar”, which you can create automatically or manually, and/or import from Excel.





If your competition is composed of several groups in a league format, remember to repeat the process as many times as necessary for each of the groups.


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