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Management and confirmation of licenses and registrations

This feature allows you, as an organizer, to confirm all the information entered by club administrators or participants who sign up for your tournaments.

Keep in mind that nothing will appear for you to confirm until the club or team administrator requests the review and confirmation of a license or registration. The licenses and registrations you enter directly will be confirmed by default.

You will only be shown registrations from the last active season. If the information you need doesn’t appear, you should go to Settings>Seasons within your organization.

The process of confirming a team or player is the following:

  1. Configuring: This is the initial status. When a club administrator creates a player, they remain in “Configuring” status, which is the status in which you can edit any information. Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information, you can send it for review.
  2. Under review:With this status, the club administrator can no longer edit information. The administrator can “Confirm” or “Reject” the registration. If confirmed, it will change to “Confirmed” status; if rejected, it will change to “Configuring” status.
  3. Confirmed: With this status, the player/team already appears in all matches and you can print their record/license.
  4. Canceled: This occurs when a player is removed. With this status, the player does not appear in matches.


You can confirm teams and players from various locations:

  • Via Manage>Confirm
  • Via the team and player tab

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