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The teams and the players are the basis of a competition and it is important that you can enjoy advanced management.

At LEVERADE you can manage a team if you have one of the three user roles:

  • Tournament organizer
  • Team manager
  • Capitan

The organizer has all the permissions and can delegate different functions to the team manager and the captain in the registration phase and en the development of the competition.


In the section Teams you can registrar an unlimited number of teams from the tournament navegation menu. You can do team registration:

You will add these teams to the corresponding group in the section Classification. If for example, the tournament has two divisions of20 teams each, you have to add the 40 teams first in this section.


Team data

Independent from the team registration method used, the data that you can save for a team are:

  • Name
  • Emblem
  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Venue
  • First equipment
  • Second equipment
  • Information
  • Observations
  • State of payment

You can configure if these fields are Obligatory, Optional or Hidden in the section Configurable fields.



For each team in this section you can:

  • Export lists of teams to a PDF and CSV
  • Manually confirm registration payment
  • Remove or unsubscribe/li>

Team file

In the previous section you can click on any of the teams and you will access the Team file.


In this file you can add how many players the team has and configure all its personal data. The options and navigation items available are:

  • Exporting lists of players to PDF and CSV
  • Generating files of players on the team in a PDF and ID-1
  • Adding players, staff and team administrators
  • See a summary of team players' sanctions
  • See an economic summary of team players
  • Player and team statistics

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