11 reasons to use LEVERADE

  1. 1Because LEVERADE can help you spend up to 60% less time managing leagues and tournaments of any size, length and style
  2. 2Because we turn your competition into an active community that is connected to the tournament and eager to compete
  3. 3Because we recognize the effort and hard work that goes into organizing competitions, which we help make easier, more practical, and more efficient
  4. 4Because we ensure that your business or organization is recognized for its management excellence with our corporate pages
  5. 5Because such a simple and complete platform for the world of competitions with multiple options, services and amenities has never been developed before
  6. 6Because we allow you to communicate with hundreds or thousands of people in a competition with a single click
  7. 7Because your competition page will always be improved and updated, as will the mobile apps connected to it
  8. 8Because we help you position your competition as the benchmark in your geographic area
  9. 9Because our team of experts will give you great support in order to make the most of your competition and achieve success
  10. 10Becase our low costs allow us to adapt to any budget
  11. 11Because we accommodate everyone involved in a competition: organizers, competition committees, referees, coaches, players and fans with services designed exclusively for each of them

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