Home Team Result Away Team
Look TritonTriton 8 – 7 Tiburon AA
Look Hydres AAHydres AA 12 – 4 Draveurs
Look Hydres AAHydres AA 15 – 4 Tiburon AA

Red cards

Name Team Value
Look William ChapmanWilliam Chapman Tiburon AA 1
Look Jim SheaJim Shea CAMO 1
Look Oliver BashiOliver Bashi The Room 1
Look Kelsey MillwardKelsey Millward Poséidon A 1
Look André ChénierAndré Chénier CAMO maître 1


Name Team Value
Look Jason O'DonnellJason O'Donnell Tiburon AA 46
Look Benjamin BolducBenjamin Bolduc Hydres AA 34
Look Jean-Sébastien SauriolJean-Sébastien Sauriol King Edward 32
Look Frédéric PigeonFrédéric Pigeon Top Taupes 32
Look Félix NormandinFélix Normandin Saint-Laurent 1 30
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