Standings of Torneo Nazionale Minibasket Della Befana 2020

Look Wildcats MottaWildcats Motta
Look Minibasket SpineaMinibasket Spinea
Look Basket VallataBasket Vallata
Look Mens Sana Siena 1871Mens Sana Siena 1871
Look Gladiatori OderzoGladiatori Oderzo
Look Basket CampodarsegoBasket Campodarsego
Look Minibasket CangurinoMinibasket Cangurino
Look Polisportiva MasiPolisportiva Masi
Look Virtus ZanèVirtus Zanè
Look LimenaLimena
Look Universo TrevisoUniverso Treviso
Look Knights LegnanoKnights Legnano
Look Juve PontederaJuve Pontedera
Look Robur et Fides VareseRobur et Fides Varese
Look Rhodigium BasketRhodigium Basket
Look Virtus AltogardaVirtus Altogarda
Look Rucker AcademyRucker Academy
Look Basket RivieraBasket Riviera
Look Pallacanestro FavaroPallacanestro Favaro
Look Virtus VeneziaVirtus Venezia
Look AlvisianaAlvisiana
Look LupebasketLupebasket
Look Castellana MinibasketCastellana Minibasket
Look CMB OrfeoCMB Orfeo
Look Virtus PadovaVirtus Padova
Look Villafranca PadovanaVillafranca Padovana
Look Wild Girls MottaWild Girls Motta
Look Rhodigium BasketRhodigium Basket
Look MBA ArancioMBA Arancio
Look Minibasket SpineaMinibasket Spinea
Look Minibasket SpineaMinibasket Spinea
Look Pallacanestro Femminile PadovaPallacanestro Femminile Padova
Look CMB MiranoCMB Mirano
Look Reyer VeneziaReyer Venezia
Look Team 78 MartellagoTeam 78 Martellago
Look Pallacanestro VigodarzerePallacanestro Vigodarzere
Look AlvisianaAlvisiana
Look Nuova Pallacanestro DeseNuova Pallacanestro Dese
Look Propace BearsPropace Bears
Look Virtus SienaVirtus Siena
Look ValdelsaValdelsa
Look Jolly BasketJolly Basket
Look Petrarca PadovaPetrarca Padova
Look Pallacanestro MarosticaPallacanestro Marostica
Look CMB MiranoCMB Mirano
Look Reyer VeneziaReyer Venezia
Look Pallacanestro PiovesePallacanestro Piovese
Look Olimpia CamposampieroOlimpia Camposampiero
55 / 55
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