Team 1 Result Team 2
Look Arise FCArise FC 2 – 0 Xerez CD eSports
Look Golden HawksGolden Hawks 0 – 1 MOOSE GAMING


Name Team Value
Look Skiller-07Skiller-07 Lenovo Legion 12
Look XxCaRLiToOsSxXXxCaRLiToOsSxX Cacique City 10
Look AgusAgus GentlmenSAD 9
Look FerStaRI96IFerStaRI96I x6tence 8

Yellow cards

Name Team Value
Look Jazfifa15Jazfifa15 Hammers United 2
Look Mikelma29Mikelma29 Cacique City 1
Look mikky_ovdmikky_ovd Cacique City 1
Look PakitoovejerPakitoovejer Arise FC 1
Look Tsk_Maquui_x25Tsk_Maquui_x25 Hammers United 1

Red cards

Name Team Value
Look Troysan25Troysan25 Dark Warriors 1
Look HectoRBKHectoRBK Eleven Legends 1
Look KbzaCNXNKbzaCNXN Eleven Legends 1
Look Sseu30Sseu30 Wolves City Fc 1


Name Team Value
Look Skiller-07Skiller-07 Lenovo Legion 5
Look HectoRBKHectoRBK Eleven Legends 4
Look romario_9_.romario_9_. Cerberus 3
Look MokuishaMokuisha RBB Supporters 3
Look xarly_bloxarly_blo SHOWTIME FC 3


Name Team Value
Look YosekI93IYosekI93I x6tence 9
Look MokuishaMokuisha RBB Supporters 7
Look AgusAgus GentlmenSAD 6
Look Rccv1024Rccv1024 White Wolves eSports 5
Look BlckRcr7BlckRcr7 TsG eSports 5

Own goals

Name Team Value
Look patas_patas_ Cerberus 2
Look KTDNruboKTDNrubo xQuality 1
Look Muni_VPMuni_VP xQuality 1
Look Dmg251088Dmg251088 Eleven Wizards 1
Look XxCaRLiToOsSxXXxCaRLiToOsSxX Cacique City 1

Goals conceded

Name Team Value
Look R_ErustesR_Erustes Deskansa 11
Look gerardocc13gerardocc13 Jaén PI eSports 8
Look bernabePsK9bernabePsK9 CF Rayo Majadahonda eSports 6
Look joaquin2921joaquin2921 Wolves City Fc 3
Look FI_kevinteeft_FAFI_kevinteeft_FA Balasty city 2

Fair play

Name Team Value
Look Nachete210277Nachete210277 Deskansa 3
Look cristianplaza90cristianplaza90 Deskansa 3
Look ErustexxErustexx Deskansa 2
Look Manza_88Manza_88 Deskansa 2
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