The day to day running of a competition involves the creation, modification and elimination of certain data. Personal data from players, team information, results, photos, emblems.

The activity mode allows you to have control of all the changes done on the system.

  • Type of data modified
  • Name of the object modified
  • Date
  • Field of the object modified
  • Old value
  • New value
  • User that made the change

In this way you can check your own changes, and above all, the changes made by otheruser roles. Being able to moderate and act accordingly before the changes are made by team managers or being able to know the real time and datae when a referee has saved the results of a game.

Notification and reviewing changes

On the main menu, a yellow dog will appear when someone has made a change. In the same way, with the bottomMark all as reviewed you will be able to remove the notification alert once the changes have been made


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