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The standard website without LEVERADE

To have an up to date website, you have to work on the content daily and try to update the results of the competitions as quickly as possible. At the same time, you must comply with data protection laws and make all the content look good on all devices; that is, make the website responsive.

It is also important to adapt the website to new requirements such as the SSL security certificate. In order to do all of this it is necessary to have a certain level of knowledge about computers or else hire an expert to update the website.

Risks and costs of a bad solution

Neglecting to update results on the website on time or share the information on social media networks can reduce the number of followers the organization has, and consequently, reduce its chances of getting better sponsors. In addition, hiring an IT specialist is a fixed cost that the organization could avoid.

The Leverade website


You can connect LEVERADE and publish your content both on a main domain:, and on a subdomain:

Real-Time information

The website reflects all the sports body's information, updated in real time: competitions, calendars, general information, news..., offering followers an unbeatable experience and without the need for IT knowledge by the administrative staff. Furthermore, the federation does not need to update the results of the competitions.

When the referees enter a result and close the score sheet, the information is sent directly to the system, which is connected to the website, and updates all the competition information.

Make the changes you need

You can make modifications without having any programming knowledge thanks to our system of widgets and section organization.

Mobile app

The mobile app offers a very easy and interactive way of following competitions from any mobile device, as well as the ability to highlight your favorite competitions.

We will help get you set up

We'll design and adapt your website to measure, maintaining your organization's corporate image, and show the personnel in charge of managing it a few simple steps to get the most of its functionality. Also, there's no need to worry about updates, our team takes care of everything.

If you have information on your previous website, our team will perform the entire import process.

Talk to a product specialist

Without any commitment on your part, we'll assess the needs of your sports body to get you the website and the apps that you need.
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