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Traditional registrations without LEVERADE

Parents or clubs can make mistakes when registering athletes. A participant must meet the requirements of a competition, for example: achieve a minimum score, have a valid license, pay the fees. Failure to meet these requirements could result in a participant competing without being covered by sports insurance, with all the risk that that entails.

It is difficult to verify the validation status of a license when registering for a competition. Synchronizing this information between different systems requires a lot of manual work.

Payments are made through various means (credit card, bank transfer or cash) requiring numerous bank movements to be checked to see which registration they correspond to.

Risks and costs of a bad solution

Checking that each athlete has a licence or has completed the necessary registration procedures is a very complex task.

In addition, checking the registration payments at your bank and matching them with those registered in the app can be quite a long and confusing process.

Irregularities in the registration processes for competitions and loss of time trying to resolve errors or failures in the registration.

Discontent among participants faced with competitors who do not meet the requirements that have been demanded of them.

Future problems with insurance companies for allowing an athlete who was not insured or did not have a valid license to participate in a competition.

Leverade registrations

Adapt the registrations to your regulations

Once the athletes' licenses have been processed, the club can register them for the competition.

Base the competition's registration forms on your federation's regulations. These stipulations could be, for example, having a valid federation license, achieving a minimum score, or meeting the age and sex requirements of the competition category. This prevents athletes from other categories from entering the competition.

Club registrations

Clubs can carry out the entire registration process, registering teams for competitions.

Once the clubs register the teams, they can appoint team administrators to register the players or it can be done by the the club administrator.

Competition requirements

With LEVERADE you can configure whatever requirements may be necessary to register for the competition, such as: category, gender, age, discipline, etc.

Automatic registrations

LEVERADE offers an “automatic enrollment” functionality which greatly speeds up the enrollment process. The clubs only have to press the automatic registration button and LEVERADE will register all the athletes who comply with the requirements set out by the competition organizer.

It's very simple to operate: The organizer configures the specific requirements and the system registers all the athletes who meet those requirements. Those who do not pass the preset filter will not be able to participate.


The registration forms can be personalized, allowing your federation or sports body to request and store consent forms and inform clients about how the database will be handled.

Customized "check" field formats allow your federation to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation that came into force in May 2018 and keep your database organized and up to date.

Not having a digital system completely adapted to the regulations can lead to millions of dollars in fines from the Spanish data protection agency. The LEVERADE Subscription system eliminates that concern.

We will help get you set up

We'll train all your administration staff, coaches and clubs and provide dedicated guidance during the first few months to facilitate the transition. We'll assist in the system configuration process with our setup service.

We'll adjust the registration processes to the needs of your organization and show you how to get the most out of the platform.

In addition, if you have a database of athletes who have participated in previous competitions and you want to keep it, our team will carry out the entire data import and migration process.

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