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Referee management without LEVERADE

Organizations often appoint referees without being sure of their availability, which can lead to numerous emails and phone calls. On many occasions, the organizing body does not know if the referee can, in then end, referee that match.

Calculating the costs associated with each referee for each match is a complex process. In one weekend you can play hundreds of games with hundreds of referees involved.

When the match is over, the referees fill out the score sheet on paper and send it to the organizer of the competition. This process can last one or two days, which causes a time lag between the end of the match and the result being published for fans.

When the score sheet is filled out on paper, it is almost impossible for the organization to know when it has been signed, generating possible security or trust issues with the information in the report.

Likewise, it is possible that the organization's list of sanctions may not be up to date or, for whatever reason, is not taken into account for the next game, which can result in improper line-ups and clubs incurring yet more severe sanctions.

Risks and costs of a bad solution

The appointment processes are longer and come with problems associated with the availability of the referees, resulting in multiple phone calls or emails.

Problems when it comes to appointing referees can cause a feeling of uncertainty in the federation, reducing the number of people who want to be referees, and, in turn, the training income obtained by the federation.

Investing too many hours in calculating the costs of each referee prevents the organization staff from spending more time promoting competitions.

Errors in sanctions and irregularities in registrations or in the calls for competitions cause unease among the clubs and athletes.

Referee management with leverade

Personalized access

The federation staff gives access to the referees and the members of the refereeing committee. They can then accesses their workspace using a personal password and perform different tasks according to their position within the federation.

The referee committee can view the database of matches and referees and make the corresponding appointments.

Referees can modify their availability, see when the next matches are to which they have been appointed and access them to enter statistics and results.

Automated costs

You can set the refereeing costs, both by type of referee and by competition, and from there, these costs will be automatically added to each referee.

In each match, you can add multiple types of referees with different costs for each type, adapting the system to the regulations (main referee, assistant referee, table official, linesperson...).

The referees can introduce costs to the matches and attach images of receipts to justify expenses such as travel or other allowances to be validated by the federation.

Finally, the federation can see what costs have been assigned to each referee and the description of the payments.

Referee availability

Referees can configure their availability within the time limits set by the regulations, allowing you to know on which days they will not be available and for what reason.

Referee appointments

All referee management revolves around the competition calendar. Once created, the matches appear in the database of the refereeing committee so that they can designate the referees who will participate in each match based on their availability.

Referees receive notifications, in real time, with information about the match they have been appointed to and can accept or reject the appointment directly from their mobile.

In addition, we offer statistics on the number of appointments that each referee has accepted or rejected, allowing a detailed report to be made and sanctioning, if necessary, those referees who have rejected an appointment on several occasions.

Match results

During the match, the referees can enter the statistics from different devices, update the scoreboard online and end the match with their personalized signature. Once the match is ended, the result is automatically published on the organization's website and, if configured, automatic publications are generated on social media networks.

Digital score sheet

We develop your customized digital score sheet so that it is official and exclusive to your organization, adapting it to the relevant regulations and offering both the referees and you the best working tool.


LEVERADE is the only system that allows you to synchronize competitions with the appointment and payment of the referees and their associated costs, all on the same platform, and all linked to the ordinary roll out of your competitions.

We will help get you set up

We'll train your administration staff and the referees themselves and provide dedicated guidance during the first few months to facilitate the transition.

We'll assist in the system configuration process with our setup service. We'll adjust the appointments processes and refereeing costs to your needs and show you how to get the most out of the platform.

In addition, if you have a database of all the referees in your federation, our team will carry out the entire data import and migration process.

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Without any commitment on your part, we will assess how we can help you with referee management and the configuration of the automated costs.
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