Multiple competition systems

Regular league, knockouts, groups and playoffs, create your tournament in the format you want

Playoffs / Knockouts

Create your own Playoff tournament with automatic random brackets. You can set it up so that your knockouts involve only one game or the best of several games. In addition, you can have a knockout where up to 128 teams take part and even establish your own tie-breaker criteria.

Regular league

Create as many regular leagues as you want, distributed into categories, divisions or groups. You will have the option of accounting for all the games won or lost, as well as establishing the points in a victory, a defeat or a draw. You can also establish criteria for a tie-breaker and establish changes in position.

Group stages + Playoffs

Create a first round with as many groups as you want, and have the top-ranked teams play in a final knockout stage. Breathe life into your competition with this easy to use, extremely exciting format.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

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