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When we think about registering a league or tournament, the first thing we need is an efficient way to attract the participants. Once this is taken care of, we need to be able to manage their information correctly. The registration forms are the ideal tool for the job, and you will be ready to kick off in no time at all.

Registration form

Configure which options you want to have on your form, which ones you want to hide or make mandatory. Set up a form of payment and specify the cost per team,

Payment processing

If you wish to manage payments using the form, you can enable the payment processing option for people who wish to pay online for convenience.

Send personalized passwords

Automatically send personalized passwords to everyone who registers using the form. Stop worrying about access control; LEVERADE will grant all pertinent access automatically once the teams that requested to join have been confirmed. Each player will get his or her own access code, and the team manager (when registered) will get all the necessary information to start managing.

Configure settings

You can place your own limits for the registration form by customizing all the information you want to get from players or participants.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

Free trial

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