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Website on own domain and basic template

Create your website without programming knowledge, in a few simple steps and on your own domain. You'll have LEVERADE's management engine on your own website. Choose your template and personalize it with your corporate image. Create sections and easily add content to them: videos, text, images, links.

Social networks

Connect your website to your social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Our integration will allow you to include them on your website's homepage and automate publications of results and news. Have a YouTube channel? You can also include it on the website and give your followers live access to your channels in a simple way.

Registration and online payments

Create registration forms so that any team or athlete can register for your competitions or events. Configure as needed and publish with a single click. In addition, add the monetary amount and receive payments automatically and instantly. The system will always notify you of new registrations and will confirm participants' acceptance once you've reviewed all the information.

Private access to teams

If you have a large structure or simply want to divide up data entry tasks, private access to teams allows each club to have private access. This access allows you to edit general information on the team or even all the players and technical staff. In addition, the "Activity" section will allow you to thoroughly monitor all changes made by individuals unaffiliated with the competition and edit it if necessary.

Digital match report (website and app)

Do you have referees or judges at your competitions? Great, you like to give your events a professional touch, and therefore need the most advanced technology. With LEVERADE, you can create a structure for the entire arbitration group, in which each member has their own private access. You can create types of referees and add as many as you need to each match or event based on their role. In addition, there's an iOS and Android app where referees can fill in the match report and update the results in real time.

Economic control

Take precise control with our simple economic control tool. Registrations, referee payments, sanctions. Automatic and manual control allows you to obtain a balance of the total expenditures and revenues generated by all your competitions.


The data archive for your competitions filtered by teams, players, referees and matches. This section allows you to access this information on a single screen and filter it so that you can consult any aspect within seconds. In addition, all the data can be exported to Excel or PDF files.

Sanctions system

Automate the control and management of sanctions for all of your competitions. This option allows you to program any type of sanction so that it automatically goes into effect as the competition progresses. Combining it with economic control makes it an incredibly useful management tool, saving hours of work and effort.

App for players and followers

Kepp all of your competitions' participants updated and informed of the latest news. LEVERADE includes apps for iOS and Android that connect to the management system and allow you to communicate with hundreds or thousands of players and fans in just a few clicks. Videos, photos, notifications, the most powerful communication system for competitions.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

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