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Failure to apply marketing techniques without LEVERADE

Neglecting to update social media networks with competition results or club news weakens fans' sense of belonging to the club.

Social media networks are very important for the dissemination of information among followers. Encouraging their use and generating appropriate content is a time-consuming task for sports bodies.  

Large federations often have a social media marketing department with qualified professionals - but is it really necessary?

Risks and costs of a bad solution

Failure to provide athletes and fans with information in real time about competitions and federation news on social media networks hinders the growth in numbers of followers and fans.

Likewise, a federation's failure to curate a good image and work on its marketing reduces its ability to showcase itself for sponsors.

The LEVERADE Marketing solution

Social Media

When the referee closes a match's score sheet, the result is automatically published on the federation's website and on social media networks, informing the fans by all   possible means.

Results posted on social media can be customized to give more visibility to your sponsors.

News published on the LEVERADE website is also posted directly to social media networks, reducing the federation's work to generate content online.


The website is the platform most visited by athletes, coaches, parents and certainly the fans, so it is the best showcase for your sponsors or collaborating organizations.

Sponsors can increase their visibility with LEVERADE. Offering a more prominent space on the home page of your website or on one of your competitions broadens the range of options available to sponsors - be they large companies or small businesses - to promote their brand.

We also offer special communication services for sponsors that help promote the purchase and display of their products by athletes. Ask us how we do it and what kind of impact it can have.

We will help get you set up

The synchronization of the platform with social media networks is done in two simple steps and we take care of adapting your website and the results cards to give the necessary visibility to your sponsors.

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Without any commitment on your part, we will assess how we can help you in the management of your marketing, social media networks and sponsorships.
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