Reduce the processing time for each license by 90% thanks to artificial intelligence

From sending parents' information to the club, to notifying the insurer, we save hundreds of work hours for all parties involved.
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License management without LEVERADE

License management is one of the most important procedures for the federation, but parents, federation members and participants can make mistakes during the process, providing unverified information and unreadable documents.

The delivery of personal data, documentation and payment takes place at different times and leads to an excessive exchange of emails and calls between interested parties.

There are different payment methods: cash, card and bank transfer, which complicate the reconciling of payments, the generation of invoices and the connection with your accounting program.

All of this entails risk for a sports federation, which cannot always be mitigated by its own resources.

Complying with the legislation, which changes frequently, requires storing, consulting, modifying and deleting personal information and documents on a daily basis.

Risks and costs of a bad solution

Not being able to connect your daily management directly with your bank and having to log in to check payments or download a file with the transactions.

Having to make a daily check on the description of transfers with insufficient detail, resulting in additional hours spent on checking what they correspond to.

Contacting clubs, parents and federation members asking them to get their information in order and manage it properly.

Limited financial and human resources to process your licenses.

This can result in the validation and granting of an incomplete license or mistakenly allowing an ineligible person to take part, causing problems in the competition and running an unnecessary risk in case of an injury that is not covered by sports insurance.

In addition, not complying with the GDPR can result in fines of 4% of your revenue or up to 20 million euros.

Delays and a backlog of work related to the reporting of information to third parties, such as the CSD or international organizations, as well as delays in accounting and the generation and sending of invoices.

The tedious and disorganized information gathering process decreases the number of licenses issued in a season.

Putting in lost work hours to process licenses reduces the time available to promote your sport and organize more competitions.

License management at LEVERADE

Unlimited license types

You can create unlimited types of licenses (athlete, manager, coach, referee...) and define the personal data and documents to be collected in each one.

Customized forms

Online forms to collect flexible information adapted to the needs of your federation: personal data, documents, price, expiration date, categories, drop-down fields with tick-boxes to collect consents, and much more.

License applications

Parents or clubs can fill out the forms and attach the necessary documents. Clubs review them and pay the federation through the platform.

The process saves hundreds of hours of work for both you and the clubs.

Validation of licenses

The federation receives all license requests in real time and can validate them one at a time or in batches.

LEVERADE has an exclusive artificial intelligence system that assists you in the license validation process.

For all types of National Identity Document: DNI, NIE and passport, we achieve a 90% reduction in the time it takes to validate a license. We automatically find matches and mismatches between the identity document and the federation member's data.

You can view all the documents associated with the license directly from the validation, without having to download any files, open new windows or print.

Rejection of licenses

When the federation rejects a license, an automatic notification is sent to the person concerned with the reason for the rejection so that they can modify the data.

Share with third parties

Print the licenses on cards, export to PDF, Excel or CSV documents or connect to our API for a direct exchange of information, all on LEVERADE.

Third-party access

Federations, clubs and parents can access personalized real-time information from any device.

Unlimited hierarchy

Configure what and how much information is exchanged between the different regional, national and international federations within the platform.

Easily adjustable to comply with the constant changes in sports rules and data protection regulations.

Licensing reports

Analyze personalized reports on the detailed status of the federation and make estimates for the coming seasons.

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