Teams are small communities which populate sports competitions all around the world, which is why we've worked to offer a great deal of features that enhance a team's experience and their drive to enter a competition.

Registration and deregistration management

Manage registrations and deregistrations or let team managers take on that job. Our registration form will give you many configuration options to specify what information you want to store about the players that are a part of the league.

Team managers

Team managers are the perfect assistants when the task of including data becomes too big and there is not much time to complete it. If the team managers have the necessary set of permissions for their team, they will be responsible to manage contact data, players and the logo. When they are done editing, their permissions can be blocked.

Print record cards

If you want your league or tournament to make it to the next level, printing record cards will give you the professional touch you need. We have a record printing module, and it's tremendously easy to use. You will be able to create truly unique record cards by editing each card's color or text.

List generation

In the need of some quick information to provide to a third party? Take advantage of our PDF exporter to generate lists with all the information you've registered. This is a simple and powerful way to present information the way you need to.

List import from Excel

If there is a competition underway and we don't want to waste a lot of time copying the information into LEVERADE, the calendar importer can be used to activate the competition in just a few seconds. LEVERADE will process the data and award the corresponding points to the teams that have played and won games. Just copy, paste and you'll be all set.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

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