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Register new players with the LEVERADE tournament manager. Offer real time news for any competition via web and smartphone for every participant.
You can find out who your best players are with the general ranking, and keep the competition going by creating a larger community of players. Get fidelity from your clients with the best communication tool and providing instant notifications so everyone can know who's playing who, where and when.
Create an optimized web page to manage your competition, filled with everything you need to take advantage of the Internet with great customization options.
Communicate with your clients in real time and organize the best tournament they have ever seen.

Real time news with competition status

So you need to be in touch with your usual clients? Take advantage of our notification system to ensure everyone is well informed about what goes on in the club.

Corporate web

Create and upload your optimized corporate website for your competitions in just a few minutes. Be recognized for your accomplishments and your corporate image.

Registration control

Thoroughly control registrations with personalized forms and set up the number of players who will join the competition.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

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