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LEVERADE is the simplest and most cost-effective way to manage your competitions through an advanced control system. The multitude of feature we have included will allow you to create any tournament or league, manage teams, players and update their scores and results.
With LEVERADE, you will get a unique website. Plus, our management engine adapts to your personal needs, giving you only what you need. Build your advanced feature package to bring your tournaments and leagues to the next level.
The platform includes an app for players, through which they can follow their competition's current status.
Family: exclusive website, mobile app
The best sports competition management system, adapted to fit your needs and with a built-in mobile app.

App for players

All registered players will get their league or tournament's information in their mobile app, available for iPhone and Android, with custom notifications on upcoming events, new results and interesting news about their competitions.

All you need for yuor tournaments, in one website

With LEVERADE, you get an exclusive website, customized with your colors and corporate image from the very first moment so everyone can find you. We adapt to your budget. In LEVERADE, technology is a right, not a privilege.

Adapt the system to your own needs

We offer various packages with a multitude of features, adapted to your sport and competition system. From our basic plan, which is completely free, to our PRO plan with advanced and sophisticated options.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

Free trial

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