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The best mobile application for players who participate in sports competitions. Leagues and tournaments, any sport, it's all in your smartphone. For free!

Competition image

A picture is worth a thousand words. Give your league or tournament the image it deserves so every player can easily recognize it and feels encouraged to form a team and join.

Send notifications

Get custom notifications of all the news posted by admins, referees or the team. Any change in the schedule, be it place, date or time, is just one of the many notifications you will be able to receive with the mobile app. It is the ideal tool to monitor your leagues and tournaments.

Automatic calendars

Automatic calendars sort the matchups instantaneously and automatically, with just one click. You can access this feature through your mobile phone and search for past results, next events you're set to take part of, or results for other districts and leagues.


Gain access to your exclusive team account and manage your squad. Register your players including their personal data, photos or other attachments. Upload your team's logo so everyone can recognize it and manage your players' statistics. The Teams module lets you be aware of your teams' history and all the stats they've gathered throughout the competition's matches.


Offer individual standings for personal stats, no matter the sport: 3-pointers, goals, cards, aces, sets, time, points. Everything! Make your players compete to get to the top of the scoreboard.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

Free trial

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