From day one, we wanted to make every game a different experience. We've worked very hard to achieve a truly exciting result. The games are not just information and stats; they are also emotion, competition and a great excuse to really prepare yourself to do well. Our forecasting algorithm will give you a preview of what you can expect on the pitch.

Automatic records

Generate refereeing records automatically for any event, prefilled for pre-game and post-game.

Stats control

Games are the source of information we will receive from our favorite sports activity. Stats control will give you the chance to control the statistics and data generated by the matches and events in play.


Let your referees manage the players' lists for upcoming games from their mobile phones with the LEVERADE Referee app. If this is not enough you can further take advantage of this functionality via web. With the history feature, you will be able to know exactly who played each game.

Electronic records

E-records are the first step to class up your leagues and tournaments. Sync your management work with those who are in charge of working from the pitch to offer results immediately after the whistle signals the end.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

Free trial

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