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A comprehensive, yet simple tournament management system, with free mobile apps for referees and players.
Acquire an advanced and easy to use competition management software system. Control registration and deregistration, grant access, set up signup sheets, create licenses for players, executives and managers. Choose from a multitude of colors and add your corporate image.
With LEVERADE's data import feature, you can switch management systems in a matter of minutes.
Manage payments per player or team to have economic control and make the most of our tpv to manage signup payments.
Increase players and fans' satisfaction by providing information in real time through a free mobile app for smartphones. Plus, with our referee application, get match records in real time from your cell phone.

Federation license creation module

Create federation licenses for players, executives, delegates, trainers and assistants.

Registration and deregistration of referees, printable records

Make the most of our technology and get as much information as you need in next to no time with our referee manager, our record maker for smartphones and pre-filled record generation

Private access for teams, register and deregister players, executives and delegates

Give access to the people responsible for each club so they can manage their players, manager team and executive team. Plus, they will be able to edit each team's public information such as contact data or logo. This functionality allows you to open and close signing periods.

Results in real time.

The exclusive referee app allows for results registration, personal stats and real time remarks. With these feature, communication problems with referees or judges will be minimized using your smartphones.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

Free trial

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