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Save time by controlling all your competitions with just one click. LEVERADE competition manager is an advanced solution for Councils and City Halls through which they will be able to update their sport service as a whole.
The league and tournament manager will optimize the time invested by the sports organizer in managing daily competitions and events in his or her town.
Using functions that have been adapted and customized, you can create, edit and kickstart any sports event, no matter how big, in just a few minutes. The calendar, teams and players import feature allows you to "copy and paste" information and activate the competition by granting access to all the members through their mobile phones.
Additionally, based on the new Cloud Computing technology, this software does not require installation and is usable right from the moment it's downloaded in any device. All you need is Internet access.
LEVERADE is supported by sports managers for its ease of use and its simplicity. Additionally, it offers initial training on a practical level, to make the most of this amazing tool from the moment you start using it.

Teams, players and calendars importer

Set up a competition in just minutes. LEVERADE's import feature allows you to migrate your database from the previous tool to the current one. Update your tournament management system on the go by just copying and pasting.

No installation, start using it immediately

LEVERADE is an advanced online sports tournament organization system. It doesn't require installation and it is activated instantly once the registration process is dealt with. It has been developed to be used in any device: computers, tablets and smartphones.

Training and personalized support

If you need any help or training during your first steps, we have an excellent group of professionals at your service, which will guide you while you adapt to our system. LEVERADE has implemented tools that optimize online training so you don't have to move anywhere, thus saving you time and money.

Payment Control

Cover all your payment needs and payment management with our registration platform and control systems. You can be instantly aware of who has made full or partial payments and who has not.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

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