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Give your competitors a run for their money with the most powerful tournament management engine and surprise them with a unique experience on their smartphone. Sports competitions have evolved with the best mobile app to monitor and be in touch with the tournament and everything related to it.

All sports

No matter which sport you play, it'll fit right into the LEVERADE platform. Every sports and their variants can be organized via web and mobile app.

Any category

We know that the great number of sports available brings a lot of categories and modalities which may have their own techniques, tactics and differences when taking it to practice. True to its multi-discipline spirit, LEVERADE offers you these variants with no limit whatsoever.

Match preview

Keep everyone on the loop. Share the games or events in play with incredible manageability, in different versions for different devices. All the information you need, in a single screen on your computer and your phone, for free.

Automatic standings

Save time, work and effort letting automatic standings do calculations and point awarding. Maybe a game wasn't correctly uploaded? Don't worry, just change the result and the standings will update too.


What would be of sports with no statistics? Take full advantage of your stats panel and seize total control on your league or tournament. Aces, points, goals, cards, assists, MVPs, own goals. Control every aspect and offer a better management experience.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

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