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The calendar lets us present the competition in an organized and structured manner. It is the one part around which the application revolves, since it grants us vital information for its development. For these reasons and many more, we at LEVERADE have achieved the development of the best management calendar for sports events. Versatility and ease of use are key for LEVERADE. It is able to organize a 32 team league in 8 seconds and edit any game without upsetting the tournament as a whole

Automatic calendars

Automatic calendars sort the matchups instantaneously and automatically, with just one click. It is formed by different variables which increase its functionality, such as home and away games. This way, you can generate various matches per round for the same pair of teams, when this format applies.

Import from Excel

If there is a competition underway and we don't want to waste a lot of time copying the information into LEVERADE, the calendar importer can be used to activate the competition in just a few seconds. LEVERADE will process the data and award the corresponding points to the teams that have played and won games. Just copy, paste and you'll be all set.

Any category

Regardless of the sport and category you play, LEVERADE's calendar can adapt to any tournament. Regular leagues, elimination tournaments or a mix of both. Anything is possible with the most versatile tournament calendar.

Generate PDFs

We haven't forgotten pen and paper at LEVERADE, so we developed a way to get the most out of these tools. You can transfer all your web content into easily printable or digital files you can share or send. With the PDF generator, you can have any piece of information on paper.

Publish results

The results publisher built into LEVERADE's calendar makes you save up to 40% of your time. It's connected to the referee app and has easy quick-publish buttons, so you'll be able to publish up to 200 games in 30 seconds with LEVERADE.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

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