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Any sports management entity needs organization and structure so everyone involved can work and cooperate in developing their share of work the best way they can. Access control lets us create our own, organized structure around tournament management. Grant access to the people you choose and only for the modules they need to access.


Organizers are always on the top of the pyramid. They will have access to every section and will be able to edit all of the information. Create tournaments, delete, register teams, edit them, register players and much more. Everything there is to do, the organizer can do it.


Referees are one of the most important groups for the leagues to be functional, and as such, they get their own access and information module. Just by registering them, the system will automatically email them the instructions they need to access their personal account. Once they register, you can link them to any event so they get the corresponding alerts.
Additionally, they have a free and exclusive mobile application where they can enter the full report for any game they referee.

Team managers

Team managers are the perfect assistants when the task of including data becomes too big and there is not much time to complete it. If the team managers have the necessary set of permissions for their team, they will be responsible to manage contact data, players and the logo. When they are done editing, their permissions can be blocked.


Captains are access accounts which allow certain players of a team to access and verify information about their team. They will not be able to edit information, but on certain occasions (depending on the sport), they can cooperate by entering the result of a match using the "LEVERADE Referees" application. If we enable an "upload results" option, these players will be able to update the scores using the application.

Available for over 100 sports and videogames

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