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The traditional score sheet without LEVERADE

Dozens of score sheets are filled out on paper every weekend and sent to the federation to confirm the veracity of the information they contain and update the qualification or ranking of the competition. This process can take up to several days, causing a time lag between the end of the game and the result being published for fans.

When the score sheet is filled out on paper, it is almost impossible for the organization to know when it was signed, generating possible security or trust issues with the information in the report.

Likewise, it is possible that the organization's list of sanctions may not be up to date or, for whatever reason, is not taken into account for the next game, which can result in improper line-ups and clubs incurring yet more severe sanctions.

Risks and costs of a bad solution

Possible errors in handwriting that cause problems in understanding aspects of the score sheet, such as changes, rotations or even the final result.

Duplication of the workload with the referee and the federation both working on the score sheet, the first filling it out and the second checking that everything is correct and publishing the result on the federation's website.

A failure to update results in real time on the website means fans cannot follow the results live, making it difficult to attract new fans or federation members.

LEVERADE's digital Score sheet

Referee access

The score sheet is accessible to referees who have previously received access credentials from the federation. Each referee has their own account, configured by their own personal signature, which they accesses at the end of the match by means of the digital score sheet.

Use of the score sheet

All the match information appears on the digital score sheet: the referees involved, the teams and their players.

The referee in charge of the score sheet can convene the players and enter the relevant statistics and observations pertaining to each match.

The statistics codes can be customized and easily entered in by computer, for example:

This functionality makes the referee's work easier during the game by allowing them to add statistics with speed and accuracy.

At the end of the game, all the referees involved sign the score sheet with their personal code, validating the information entered.

The score sheet also includes an annex where any of the designated referees can enter additional information about the match, such as: injuries, incidents or unanticipated events.

Synchronization of results

When the score sheet is closed, qualifications are automatically updated and the result is published on the federation's website. In addition, all statistics and sanctions are synchronized with the club's financial control module and with future matches, prohibiting sanctioned players from participating, if so established by the regulations.

Results in real time

The digital score sheet helps the federation to create excitement among its members and fans by offering real-time information on qualifications and their closest rivals' match results, turning the federation's website into a constantly updated live portal.


We'll design the digital score sheet to suit the needs of your federation, adapting it to the regulations and your preferences, and we'll train your federation's staff. We'll also configure the scoring, qualification, and sanctions system so you don't have to worry about a thing, and we'll train all administration personnel and referees in the use of the digital report.

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