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25,347,556 Games
11,537,254 players
2,770,365 Teams

For all kinds of competitions

Comprehensive management of any sports competition

LEVERADE supports every area of your competition


The organizer will enjoy the benefits of this state-of-the-art software with a multitude of features


Register referees and update scores in real time with the referee mobile app


Set up private access for teams, with its own signings period


Every bit of information from any device, anywhere and anytime, for free

Clients who have trusted LEVERADE

Autonomous Communities, Councils, Federations, Private Leagues

  • Federación Catalana de Fútbol Sala
  • Federación balonmano reg. de Murcia
  • Ayuntamiento de Alicante
  • OFA - Organización de Fútbol Amateur
  • Ayuntamiento de Marbella
  • Federación Madrileña de Natación
  • Ayuntamiento de Molina de Segura
  • Fútbol Aficionado Cartagena

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