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How it works and cost

With the payment gateway connected, you must choose what payment methods you wish to enable for clubs:

  • Advance payment: this method is similar to a wallet, which we explain in more detail in this article.
  • Credit card: with a credit card, clubs can make any pending payment to your organization.
  • Bank account: a bank transfer via SEPA direct debit, which allows the club to make pending payments without needing a credit card.

Online payments allow clubs not to have to go to a bank to pay, or even go to their bank’s web platform to set up transfers for what they owe. They can log in directly with their club logins; see all the transactions pending payment, perfectly identified and with the corresponding amounts; and set up payment via any of the available payment methods.

For your part, your organization can receive money with all the descriptions perfectly listed in your bank account, without having to log into your bank and identify who has made the payment and for what reason.

Manual transactions: your organization can create manual transactions with any description (beyond the automated ones we’ve mentioned previously). For example: the organization has sold kits to a club. Since this transaction can’t be created anywhere automatically, your organization can create it manually and link it to a club so that it appears as a pending payment and they can pay it.

The FEES for using Online payments are:

  • Credit cards: Between .9% and 1.9% + Stripe costs.
  • Bank account: Between .9% and 1.9% + Stripe costs.

As you can see, our system is one of the most advanced and professional online payment systems for leagues in the world.


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